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FREE Certificate in Media Literacy

PBS and KQED Partner to Provide Educators With Free Certification in Media Literacy.

At SXSWedu, PBS and KQED, the public media station serving the San Francisco Bay Area, announced a partnership to offer PreK-12 teachers free certification in media literacy. The PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED recognizes educators who excel in creating and implementing instruction with media, and provides support to help all teachers accelerate these skills.

The KQED media literacy courses will help educators develop competencies including the ability to create original content using multiple media production techniques, share original media on a variety of online platforms designed to reach specific audiences, implement lessons that help students foster media skills and more.

PBS and KQED will offer a pathway to certification through a submission process. Educators who exemplify strong media literacy competencies will be invited to submit a portfolio of work demonstrating their achievements on KQED Teach – KQED’s online professional learning platform. For educators who need support in building the competencies, free media literacy courses will be available on KQED Teach to help teachers improve their skills in specific areas.

Available courses will include: Finding & Validating Information Online; Understanding Copyright & Fair Use; Video Storytelling Essentials; Designing Presentations; Safety and Privacy in a Participatory Culture; How to Manage and Assess Media Projects; and more.

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