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Human Centered Design: Is it right for youth development programs?

We've been known to borrow tips, tricks and tools from all kinds of sources. We rely on a multitude of frameworks from the field of youth development to support or further the work we do.

You may be familiar with the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets Framework or their Developmental Relationships Framework? Maybe you’re familiar with or use CASEL’s social and emotional framework to design appropriate activities or to train staff?

We also integrate tools and strategies from other fields such as this managing complex change framework for when I am working with organizations of all sizes that are working toward change. We've used World Café and Appreciative Inquiry to foster and facilitate conversations.

This op-ed first written for YouthToday is an interview with staff from JEVS in Philadelphia explains what Human Centered Design (HCD) is and how they've been applying it in their work. Read the piece to see if it might be a framework useful to you.

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