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Trauma-Resilient Informed Practices in Expanded Learning Programs: A Snapshot of Trends in the Field

Commissioned by: Los Angeles County Office of Education: Expanded Learning Technical Assistance Unit Written by: Jimena Quiroga Hopkins.


The landmark 1995-1997 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study conducted by Kaiser Permanente and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the largest research studies to examine the long-term health and social impacts of childhood stressors over the lifespans of individuals. California’s Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris brought this study to the forefront by surfacing the link between childhood adverse experiences and the risk for significant short-term and long-term social and health problems. (1) The ACE study has informed the practice of various sectors and has been the impetus for deeper levels of trauma-resilient informed work. Today, expanded learning programs are looking for additional ways to develop a trauma-resilient informed lens in order to better serve and support the young people in their programs.

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